The report said that Huaying's return to work is expected to restore gas supply to Lianhua Gas

- Jul 24, 2019-

According to Digitimes, China's Taiwan's small and medium-sized panel maker Huaying and Lianhua Gas reached a consensus, and the latter resumed nitrogen supply at noon on the 20th.

Prior to the financial crisis in Huaying, many suppliers and customers were unaware of the eve of the crisis. After the crisis, the suppliers worried that the loans owed by Huaying could not be repaid.

It is reported that the nitrogen supplier Lianhua Gas was not satisfied with the prior notice and worried about the repayment ability of Huaying in the future. Therefore, it stopped supplying nitrogen to Huaying Yangmei Plant and Longtan Plant on the evening of the 14th of this month, causing the Huaying production line to stop at 15th. .

It is reported that Huaying's Longtan and Yangmei factories are the 6th generation line and the 4.5th generation line respectively. It is also the lifeline of Huaying's survival in Taiwan. After the chain has been discontinued, the company's purchase and shipment have also stopped.

After several days of consultation, Huaying is expected to enter the stage of return to work. Hua Ying said that Lianhua Gas began to resume nitrogen supply at noon, and the actual time for resuming work still needs to wait for Huaying to officially