The principle, cleaning system and advantages of dry ice cleaning

- Jan 06, 2018-

Dry ice cleaning is a new way of cleaning. It is also a commonly used cleaning method. It is easy to operate and has many advantages. How much do we know about it? So we collected some knowledge about dry ice cleaning from the Internet, including principles, cleaning systems and advantages. We hope that readers can have a comprehensive understanding of dry ice cleaning through the following introductions.


(1)Impact force

Dry ice hits the cleaned surface at high speed, the dissipation of Impact energy and extremely rapid thermal transfer of dry ice particles and cleaning surfaces which caused the conversion of carbon dioxide from solid to gaseous state at a moment.

(2)"Micro explosion"

When the dry ice particles drilled into the fouling cracks, they will gasify within one of the thousands second, and the volume of the dry ice expanded nearly 800 times to the surface to bring dirt away from the surface of the object.


The temperature difference between the two different materials with different thermal expansion coefficients will destroy the binding between the two materials. The dry ice particles are extremely low in temperature, and dry ice particles impact the surface of the treated products, so that dirt can be frozen to embrittlement and burst, resulting in the phenomenon of "cracking" or thermal shock, which will affect the mechanical properties of adhesion and fouling.

2.Cleaning system

Dry ice cleaning system can be divided into two parts:

(1)Dry ice preparation system

The liquid carbon dioxide is made into a certain size of dry ice particles, which are usually high density dry ice particles with a diameter of 3mm and a length of 2.5mm-10mm.

(2)Dry ice cleaning system

The high-density dry ice particles installed in the cleaning equipment are mixed and accelerated with compressed air by nozzle, and spray onto the surface of the cleaned object through specially designed nozzles.

According to the needs of the user, the dry ice preparation system and the dry ice cleaning system can be assembled into a set of systems. And it is also possible to separate the dry ice preparation system from the dry ice cleaning system. Dry ice preparation system is only as a production equipment for supplying raw materials, pre made dry ice particles that stored in a special sealed container will be transported to the construction site, and be loaded into dry ice cleaning system for cleaning construction.


(1)Extensive use

Quickly clean up oil, paint, ink, adhesives, carbon, asphalt, scale, rust, mold release layer, PVC resin, etc. For small holes, uneven surface and edges and corners can be non-contact cleaning.

(2)Economic and efficient

Rapid cleaning, best effect, improving the production efficiency and product quality; it can be cleaned directly on line without shut down, and increase production capacity; it does not damage the surface by cleaning, and extend the service life; online cleaning can also avoid accidental injury of the object in the process of disassembly and cleaning; no residue, avoiding environmental pollution and pollution treatment in other cleaning costs.

(3)Safety and environmental protection

Carbon dioxide is non-toxic, which meets the requirements of safety and environmental protection. There is no tno secondary pollution in cleaning process. Instead of toxic chemicals cleaning, carbon dioxide cleaning has fundamentally avoided the damage to the human body. It has high operating security. Carbon dioxide cleaning has the effect of low temperature sterilization in the food and pharmaceutical industry.

(4)Easy operation

It is convenient and practical to use the compressed air in the field.