The principle and application scope of dry ice cleaning machine

- Jan 05, 2018-

Dry ice cleaning machine is a widely used cleaning machine. Do we know the principle and application of the dry ice cleaning machine? Now let's introduce the knowledge in detail so that we can know this knowledge well, have a basic understanding of dry ice cleaning machine and know what aspects we can use.

1.Principle of dry ice cleaning machine

The principle of dry ice cleaning machine: the cleaning medium of the cleaning machine is dry ice, dry ice particles are accelerated under the action of high pressure air, and then impact on the cleaning surface at a certain speed, and carry up heat exchange with the cleaning surface rapidly, to make dry ice sublimate into gas, this process is also called "micro explosion". It does not produce any waste, and it will not pollute the environment.

2.The application of dry ice cleaning machine

Industrial mold: Including tire mold, rubber mold, polyurethane mold, polyethylene mold, PET mold, foam mold, injection mold and alloy die casting mold, etc. It can clean all kinds of dirt and grease. After cleaning, the mold is bright as new. And the use of dry ice cleaning machine can improve work environment, improve work efficiency and reduce cost.

Petrochemical Industry: mainly for the main air blower, pneumatic machine, smoke engine, steam turbine, blower and other equipment, as well as heating furnace, reactor and so on, which can remove coke, carbon, oil, rust and dust and so on.

Food Industry: dry ice cleaning machine can clean the roaster, mixer, conveyor belt, mold products, packaging equipment, oven rack, stove, container, roller, freezer, etc. and wash off residue, gelatinous material and oil etc..

Printing industry: mainly aimed at ink, dye and so on, in order to avoid emission exceeding the standard and pollute the environment.

Electronic power industry: including power boilers, condensers and various heat exchangers, generators, motors, rotors, stators and other components, it can clean rust scale, hydrocarbons and powders, and cleaning PCB, protective layer and so on.