The origin of the name of the creamy egg and its important parts and influencing factors

- Aug 09, 2018-

How does the name of the creamy egg come from? What related expertise does it need to master? These two questions are raised in order to carry out the study of creamy eggs, so that they have a certain familiarity with the product.


1. The origin of creamy eggs

The origin of the name of the creamy egg is specifically: it is actually a nitrous oxide gas packaged in a small steel tank, because the gas has aroma and sweetness, and the steel can looks like a bullet. So, call it a creamy egg. The nitrous oxide gas in its steel can is used as an anesthetic in medicine because it has an analgesic effect, but it cannot be used excessively because it can cause serious harm to human health.


2. Can you use soda gas bombs instead of creamy eggs?

The creamy egg, the nitrous oxide gas used, does not react with the cream, and the soda gas bomb, which uses carbon dioxide, reacts with the cream, mainly with the cream. Water reacts to form carbonic acid, although the amount is small, but it affects the taste of the cream. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to use a soda gas bomb instead of a cream egg. However, if you can't use creamy eggs, you can do this, but you need to pay attention to the application of vegetable cream, not animal cream.


3. Can the nitrous oxide gas in the cream egg be replaced by nitrogen dioxide?

The important and important part of the cream egg is nitrous oxide gas. Therefore, it cannot be replaced by other gases, such as carbon dioxide. Although this gas will not affect most foods, it can be used to make soda. water. Moreover, if other gases are used, this kind of gas can not be called a creamy egg.


4. Does the cream in the creamy egg have different effects?

The cream in the creamy egg has two specific types of animal cream and vegetable cream, and they affect the taste of the cream, the requirements for the use of the cream, and the like, and also have an effect on the creamy egg. If it is animal butter, then it is required to use all the day, not overnight; if it is plant butter, although it can be overnight, but it should be used up within 2 to 3 days, otherwise, the cream will be corrupted if the time is too long.