The gas contained in the cream egg and its comparison with the soda bomb

- Jul 24, 2018-

Creamy eggs, what is it? What basic knowledge and understanding should be given to it to know how to use it correctly and reasonably? The main purpose of these questions is to let everyone learn the creamy egg, and thus know what it is and how to use it correctly and rationally.


Creamy egg, which is simply a bottle filled with nitrous oxide gas, and this gas is colorless and slightly sweet in taste and can be used in food. Therefore, it is widely used in the food industry and is used to make coffee and cake gas. In addition, in addition to this use, it can also be used as a combustion improver for aerospace racing.


1. Comparison of creamy eggs and soda bombs

Creamy egg, as described above, is an industrial gas filled with nitrous oxide, and the soda bomb is filled with carbon dioxide gas, which is generated by the water in the cream. The reaction produces carbonic acid, which in turn affects the quality of the cream, making the cream a snowflake, and the animal cream is especially noticeable. Therefore, soda gas bombs are not suitable for cake making, but creamy eggs can be used because nitrous oxide does not react with butter.


2. Simple understanding of nitrous oxide in cream eggs

Nitrous oxide in buttery egg, which is a kind of industrial gas from the professional point of view, chemical formula is N2O, it can also be called laughing gas, it is a colorless sweet smell gas, and it is an oxidant. Supports combustion under certain conditions, but is stable at room temperature. The molecules of the gas are linear structures and have some physical parameters that are:

Melting point: -90.8 °C

Boiling point: -88.49 °C

Critical temperature: 26.5 ° C

Critical pressure: 7.263 × 106Pa

Relative density: 1.977

Refractive index: 1.0005-7265bar


This kind of gas, if used in the food industry, can be used as a foaming agent and a sealant. If it is used in cake making, it is mainly used as a creaming foaming agent. Therefore, the name of the creamy egg is used. . However, it is necessary to use it in combination with other nitrogen oxides because nitrous oxide can also oxidize organic matter at high temperatures. In addition, this gas cannot be contacted with the boiling vaporized alkali metal to prevent the two from reacting to form nitrite.