The effect and function of bubble water

- Sep 13, 2018-

Bubble water is a new type of beverage with a refreshing taste, delicate bubbles and various fruit flavors. It is the hottest health drink at present. Bubble water has a variety of effects such as suppressing appetite, eliminating constipation, blocking the absorption of sugar and fat, and neutralizing the acidity in the body, and is therefore highly sought after by young people.

Bubble water does have the effect of regulating the body's acid-base balance, slimming, refreshing, etc., but it is by no means a panacea for treating various diseases, mainly based on health care.

Promote blood circulation:

Carbonated gas can promote blood circulation, while calcium, magnesium and trace elements contained in the bubble water can promote blood circulation and help people recover from fatigue.

Block the absorption of sugars and fats:

Drinking sparkling water during meals, carbonic acid gas can increase the adsorption capacity of dietary fiber, and the dietary fiber will absorb the fat and sugar that would otherwise be absorbed by the intestinal wall, thus blocking the body from absorbing excess fat and sugar, thereby achieving The effect of slimming down.

Eliminate constipation:

When the carbonic acid gas expands in the stomach and the stomach is large, it will send a signal that “there is food into the stomach”, then the brain will feed back to the intestine, and the intestine will make a peristaltic command, making the intestine more frequent. Land activities, which will improve constipation.

Control appetite:

Bubble water is generally recommended to drink at mealtimes, because after the bubble water enters the stomach, carbon dioxide gas is released under the action of body temperature, and the food will block the outlet of the stomach, and the carbonic acid gas will expand and expand the stomach, so that It will give the stomach a sense of satiety in advance, thus controlling appetite.

Neutralizing acidic substances:

Bubble water is formed by carbon dioxide entering the water through high pressure. The formula: H2O+CO2=H2CO3. After entering the human body, H2CO3 will decompose into H+ and HCO3-, HCO3- is hydrogencarbonate ion, and bicarbonate ion will react into hydrolysis. H2CO3 and OH- (alkaline), while bicarbonate also undergoes ionization reaction, producing H+ and CO3- (acidic), but the hydrolysis reaction is greater than the ionization reaction, so it is weakly alkaline inside the human body.

Cooling heat:

Carbon dioxide gas will take away a lot of heat from the body when it is released from the body, so drinking water in the summer will have a good heatstroke prevention effect.