The development of electronic gas and its application

- Jun 01, 2019-

In the 1990s, the world's semiconductor manufacturing and processing centers have gradually shifted from the West to mainland China. China has become the world's wafer production base, and China's IC manufacturing industry has sprung up.

The development of China's IC industry is extremely unbalanced, and the related source materials are still dependent on imports. Therefore, despite the large number of IC production and processing in China, the profits are low.

The electronic gas is called the food made by IC, and its quality directly determines the performance of the semiconductor device. Some data indicate that even the slightest change in the quality of electronic gas will seriously affect the yield of the device. Therefore, in order to develop the IC industry, developed countries should first give priority to the research and production of electronic gas. As the development of electronic devices is endless and constantly upgraded, the research on electronic gas will surely continue to develop and even advance to meet the development of downstream manufacturing.

Among the electron gas families, silane, phosphine, borane, and arsine are widely used, and are extremely important raw materials for IC