The cylinder gas is classified and used widely in the physical state of the medium

- May 08, 2018-

When making use of cylinder gas, can be in normal ambient temperature can be repeated filling used, usually the nominal working pressure of the gas cylinder is greater than or equal to 0.2 MPa, the cylinder gas application is very extensive, whether in the field of production, or in the field of life, almost cannot leave the bottle.

Cylinder gas is a kind of pressure equipments, so in the will to use explosion danger, typically guangdong media generally with inflammable, explosive, toxic, corrosive properties, such as using the environment for its mobile, repeat filling, operation personnel are not fixed and using the characteristics of environmental change. In order to ensure the safe use of cylinder gas, there are some special requirements and requirements in addition to the general requirements of pressure vessels.

Cylinder gas is classified according to the physical state of the medium.

1. Permanent gas cylinders.

For use in the process of generally lower than the critical temperature 10 ℃ below zero gas called permanent gases, in the process of operating the holding permanent gas cylinders called permanent gas cylinder. For example, gas cylinders containing oxygen, nitrogen, air, carbon monoxide and inert gases are the same. The common standard pressure series is 15 MPa, 20 MPa and 30 MPa.

2. Liquefied gas cylinders.

When making use of the critical temperature is equal to or higher than 10 ℃ below zero of various gases, its products under normal temperature, gas pressure can effectively present, after the pressure and cooling will become a liquid, in the gas, some critical high temperature (above 70 ℃), such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and propane gas, liquefied petroleum gas, liquefied gas called high critical temperature.

The gas cylinders that store these gases are low-pressure liquefied gas cylinders. Under ambient temperature, the low pressure liquefied gas is always in the coexistence state of gas-liquid, and the pressure of the gas phase is the saturated vapor pressure of the gas at the corresponding temperature. According to the maximum operating temperature of 60 ℃, saturated vapour pressure of all high critical temperature of liquefied gas are under 5 MPa, so, this kind of low pressure cylinder filling gas available.