The blowing and sampling requirements of sampling pipeline for on-site gas making.

- Apr 08, 2018-

There is a very big relationship between the process of making gas and the stability of the environment as well as the stability of the gas. The temperature and humidity should be suitable, because some gases must be used above room temperature (15 C), and the system will be very demanding in the process of making gas in the field, and it can not be leaked at all.

Blowing and washing of sampling pipeline in field gas

In the process of operating gas, the pressure reducer and pipeline must be replaced fully in the process of operation, mainly because the volume of the pressure reducer is large, the cylinder valve is constantly opened and closed over 3 times, each time the gas in the decompressor is exhausted, and then the system can be properly sampled.

Sampling of field gas

In general, the sampling can be effectively divided into two ways: dynamic sampling and static injection. In the process of operation, the flow rate should be measured accurately, and the flow rate of the gas standard material and the measured gas in the calibration process should be ensured to prevent the error caused by the difference of flow. The static nearest sample is mostly used for gas chromatograph. The sampling valve is mostly six way valve, and the valve has a quantitative tube to ensure the pressure in the quantitative pipe.

Influence of the effective period of use of field gas

The effective period of the use of field gas is determined according to the results of its stability test. In general, the effective period of the standard gas is guaranteed to be valid for half a year to one year according to the properties of the unused gas. As the pressure of standard gas decreases, all kinds of gases adsorbed on the inner wall of the container will desorb, and the concentration will change.