The bad thing about drinking bubble water 1

- Oct 06, 2018-

It is estimated that most people think that bubble water is harmful to the body, but is this statement really justified?

Or start with the stomach first. Carbonated beverages are made by pressurizing carbon dioxide into water, and therefore contain a weakly acidic substance, carbonic acid. If you consume this lotion, you will get snoring or indigestion. But what if you drink it in moderation? Will it still hurt your digestive system?

The result seems to be the opposite. In a small, double-blind randomized trial, patients with frequent indigestion or constipation drank boiled water and sparkling water for 15 days. They then accepted a series of medical examinations. Both groups of people who drank sparkling water improved both, while those who drank boiled water did not.

If you drink a lot of sparkling water, you may feel bloating. Japanese researchers have found that we can make full use of this side effect and let it be used by us. They let a group of women fast for one night and then slowly drink boiled water or sparkling water. As a result, it was found that as long as 250 ml of bubble water was consumed, 900 ml of gas was released. So what is expected is that these women's stomachs are slightly inflated. So even though they didn't eat, they still felt full. They don't feel uncomfortable, and because the bubble water will increase your feeling of fullness, you can avoid overeating in this way.