The application of the dry ice in practice

- Dec 01, 2017-

In practice, what aspects can dry ice be used for? In fact, it has a lot of applications. Today I introduce some main applications for you, hoping to help you. 

1. Dry ice directly becomes gas when it melts, absorbs heat in the process of melting, thereby reducing the temperature around it. So, dry ice is often used as the refrigerant, and by spraying dry ice in the upper air, it can condense the water vapor in the air to form artificial rainfall.

2. Dry ice can be used for dry cleaning and can successfully remove residues, colloidal substances and oil contamination from the oven. Dry ice can clean the oven, liquid mixer, conveyor belt, molding products, packaging equipment, furnace rack, furnace plate, container, roller shaft, refrigerator inner wall, biscuit  furnace grate. It can clean the electric power boiler, condenser, various heat exchangers. It can also clean the indoor and outdoor voltage transformer, insulator, distribution box and electric wire and cable. Printing industry is very difficult to remove printing ink, the ink on the gear and guide rail will lead to poor printing quality. Dry ice cleaning can remove various oil base, water-based ink and varnish, cleaning gear, guide rail and spray nozzle oil, ink and dye. Dry ice can reduce the downtime, eliminate the use of harmful chemical agents, avoid the discharge of hazardous waste and solution, and personnel damage caused by dangerous solvents.

3. Dry ice applies to the beauty industry. Some dermatologists use the dry ice to treat the acne, which is called cold therapy. Because it will freeze the skin slightly. A frozen material for treating the acne is the mixture of ground dry ice and dimethyl ketone, sometimes mixed with some sulfur. Liquid nitrogen and dry ice can also be used as freezing treatment materials, which can reduce inflammation of the wound.

4. Dry ice is also used in the food industry. Add dry ice into the wine, cocktail or beverage, it will be cool and delicious, and it will smoky in the glass, very pleasant. Add dry ice when making the ice cream, then the ice cream will not be easy to melt, especially suitable for the refrigeration of take-out ice cream. Adding dry ice into the seafood dishes made in the star-rated hotel, restaurants before serving can produce a white smoke landscape, to improve the banquet class.

5. The dry ice is used in the refrigerated transport. The dry ice is used for the low temperature transportation of the cryogenic refrigeration medical treatment and special drug such as the blood plasma and vaccine. And it can be used for the  long-short-distance transport of the electronic cryogenic material and precision components.