Teach you how to prevent dry ice explosion

- May 26, 2019-

With the improvement of our quality of life, dry ice is natural, non-polluting and dry ice preserves food, so the use of dry ice is closely related to us. But dry ice hurts our human beings more and more, and many online news that dry ice will "explode" is coming out.

The online cases that report the explosion of dry ice have a special feature. Don't put dry ice in places like refrigerators, bottles, closed rooms, etc., then dry ice will explode, endangering people's safety. These places are confined environments, and the confined environment can easily cause dry ice to explode. We all know that dry ice is low in temperature and easy to volatilize at room temperature. I believe that dry ice can be kept in the refrigerator for a few more days, but this is wrong because the temperature of the refrigerator is usually not lower than minus 30 °C. Compared with the temperature of dry ice, the temperature is still much higher than the low temperature of about 78 °C, so it is easy to cause the sublimation of dry ice to become gaseous carbon dioxide 600 to 800 times larger than its solid volume, forming a gas pressure in a closed container. And caused an explosion.www.wxytgas.com