Supporting setup of hydrogen energy chamber type cold chain logistics vehicle

- Mar 13, 2018-

At least two hydrogen refueling stations in each district

As the most important supporting setting for hydrogen vehicles, the hydrogen refueling station has always been a key factor affecting the development of hydrogen energy vehicles. By the end of this year, Foshan is expected to build about 10 hydrogen refueling stations covering the five districts of the city. Wang Dexin, Marketing Manager of Shanghai Hydrofoil Energy Technology Co., Ltd., told the reporter that the construction of the hydrogen refueling station in Foshan is still in the site selection stage. According to the plan, it is expected to be completed before the end of this year. “The construction of hydrogen refueling station takes only about 6 months, and the key issue is still to choose the site.” By then, at least two hydrogen refueling stations will be installed in each district of Foshan five districts, and all the sites will be open to social vehicles.

Wang Dexin introduced that the current channel for obtaining hydrogen is more extensive than gasoline, and there is basically no monopoly company. With the further development of technology, the cost of hydrogen production is expected to further decrease. It is understood that currently there are three major sources of hydrogen resources, namely, hydrogen production from fossil fuels, hydrogen production from industrial by-product gas, and hydrogen production from renewable energy sources. Among them, in the hydrogen production from industrial by-product gas, the by-product hydrogen potential in the petrochemical and methanol industries is nearly 4 trillion cubic meters, and many refineries themselves have hydrogen production facilities.

The reporter understands that except for Foshan, the hydrogen refueling stations are currently built in neighboring cities such as Zhongshan and Yunfu. Recently, Sinopec Guangdong Petroleum Branch has completed the site selection of nearly 10 hydrogen refueling stations. According to the current life of hydrogen-fueled vehicles, it is expected that Within 1 to 2 years, hydrogen energy vehicles will travel to Guangdong.