Structural characteristics of nitrogen making equipment in oil field

- Jan 10, 2018-

(1)All the configuration of the hardware is both independent and reasonable, air compressors and nitrogen compressors use direct coupling type diesel engine, overcome the shortcomings of oil field dispersion and high power supply difficulties. While the cooling mode of the equipment is air cooling, adapt to the shortage of water source in field operation, only the metering pump and nitrogen generating system and central the control room to the scene to provide power.

(2)The air source system (air compressor and power diesel engine) and nitrogen generating system (including the front freeze dryer) are made into skid respectively, and are installed on the same vehicle. The nitrogen generation system is the frame type all closed thermostat structure, and the ventilation is good, and the separation and nitrogen making film group is in good working condition.

(3)The nitrogen supercharger and metering system and active agent storage tank is installed on another vehicle. The nitrogen supercharger has a dustproof shell, which can not only ensure good ventilation, but also avoid the impact of harsh environment on the field.

(4)The nitrogen making equipment should have mobility. Since the injection of nitrogen into an oilfield improves oil recovery, the further development of the oilfield may be replaced by other new mining technologies. Therefore, nitrogen making equipment shall be used to move to other oilfields to nitrogen injection easily or used for other purposes after a few years. It has higher technical requirements for the design, manufacture and installation of the device.

(5)Because most oil fields are in bad environment, the device for nitrogen injection should also be able to adapt to field work, especially the cooling water system and air filter. When designing, we should consider the intrusion of insects, dust and tidbits.