Storage requirements and technical supervision of cylinder gas

- Apr 12, 2018-

In the process of placing the cylinder gas, it should be effective to keep it neatly, to a certain extent, keep upright and properly fixed, and to a certain extent, measures should be taken to prevent dumping. The cylinder holder can perfectly solve the problem of cylinder storage and cylinder fixing, improve safety and avoid the mess of cylinders.

The transport vehicles of cylinder gas are not allowed to stop near people - intensive schools, large stores, bustling urban areas, theatres and so on. When cars and ships stop, the drivers and the escorts are not allowed to leave at the same time. Cylinders of LPG containing gas in cylinders are strictly forbidden to transport over 50 km.

To some extent, the transportation of cylinders and gas cylinders should be strictly observed. Transport enterprises should formulate emergency measures, drivers and guards should be handled correctly. Flammable gases and combustion supporting gas cylinders should be more than ten meters away from open flames.

To some extent, cylinders should be retained for more than 0.05MPa when cylinders are used. Flammable gases should remain 0.2MPa to 0.3MPaH2. 2MPa should be retained to prevent danger of recharging and not to be exhausted.

Various gases in the gas of the cylinder must be regularly inspected, and the gas cylinders filled with general gas are inspected for three years. If serious or serious damage is found in the use of the gas, the inspection should be carried out in advance.