Standard gas dynamic gas distributor HovaGAS boosts SO2 determination

- Jan 29, 2018-

Recently, the State Environmental Protection Administration issued a "fixed source of SO2 emissions of fixed-location electrolysis" standard --- HJ57-2017, whose purpose is to determine the interference of carbon monoxide on sulfur dioxide, the need to use standard gas dynamic instrument, which match Gas instrument requirements described as "the sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen and other standard gas dynamic distribution; with at least 3 input channels 1 output channels; with mass flow meter control the input and output channels of gas flow, which is the input channel Mass flow meter should not be less than 5L / min, mass flowmeter output channel should not be less than 10L / min, accuracy should be better or better than ± 2%. "

HovaGAS is a portable hybrid gas generator that precisely mixes gases. It uses high-quality mass flow technology and the latest micro-processing technology. Thermostatic mass flow controllers (MFCs) measure and control gas flow to a large extent without being affected by gas temperature and pressure. The measurement principle is to control the gas mass flow with temperature difference and pressure difference by heat transfer.


HovaGAS can be connected to the computer through the interface RS232 for remote control. Windows software installed on the computer viewGAS, HovaGas will be presented in the form of a flowchart. All HovaGas features and data can be read and stored remotely. In addition, viewGAS also controls the timing of gas concentration inputs.