Special sterilized gas

- Dec 26, 2017-

The main component of special sterilized gas is ethylene oxide (EO), also known as ethylene epoxide. EO can kill bacteria, mold and fungi, so it can be used to sterilize some products that cannot tolerate high temperature. Lloyd Hall, an American chemist, obtained a patent for the preservation of spices by the EO disinfection method in 1938, which is still used today. Because of its vivacity, strong bactericidal, broad of bactericidal spectrum, slight damage to the goods, etc., the mixed gas of ethylene oxide and carbon dioxide has become one of the most important daily low temperature sterilization methods at present. The mixed gas is mainly used to sterilized in medical devices (bandages, suture and surgical instruments), packaging, textiles, anaesthesia, cultural relics archives, rubber and plastic products, cosmetics, food and other products.

Safety and environmental protection

1.Lay down a perfect certificate of experience, feasible sterilization process scheme and storage and delivery system of EO. Staff must hold certificate to mount guard, and operate in strict accordance with the operating rules.

2.The storage of EO should be isolated from the sterilization production, and the explosion-proof wall should be set up. Storage rooms need cool, ventilated and prevent direct sunlight, marked with flammable, explosive, toxic signs and equip with fire-fighting equipment.

3.There must be no open fire operation, substation equipment and other devices or operations that can be sparkled within 30-50 meters around the sterilization workshop.

4.The sterilization process is strictly prohibited to wear spiked shoes to enter the site, strictly prohibit smoking on the spot in order to prevent explosion accident.

5.During the operation, we should pay close attention to the change of pressure and temperature and adjust it at any time.

6.When the sterilization process is finished and open the sterilizer, the door and window and ventilation equipment must be opened first. When the odor of EO in the room is very strong, it is not allowed to turn on the electric lighting and the flashlight lighting, except for the explosion-proof lamp.

7.Epoxy ethane residual gas discharged after sterilization should be properly treated and accords with environmental protection requirements.http://www.wxytgas.com/