Small and large-scale on-site gas production requirements and advantages

- Jul 08, 2019-

In the process of small and medium-scale on-site gas production, its hydraulic air can provide small and medium-sized on-site gas production systems for nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen for various industries. Our on-site gas system helps ensure consistent and reliable gas supply as demand changes. Air Liquide can be designed, installed, operated (including real-time online monitoring) and maintained on-site gas supply systems. We are committed to ensuring continuous and reliable gas supply, so that you can focus on production and management without any concern.

Large-scale on-site gas plant (10,000-ton class) We invest in the design, construction and operation of large gas plants for large industrial customers such as chemical and refining companies. The air separation unit (ASU) compresses, liquefies and distills the air and decomposes it into several components: nitrogen, oxygen and rare gases (argon, helium, neon and helium).

The steam methane conversion unit (SMR) produces hydrogen and carbon monoxide by steam reforming. Hydrogen is generally used in hydrodesulfurization processes in the refining process to convert heavy crude oil into more environmentally friendly transportation fuels. Our air separation unit and steam methane conversion unit are designed and manufactured using Group technology for high reliability and energy