SF6 gas is listed as one of the six gases required for global regulatory control

- Jan 12, 2018-

SF6 gas commonly used by GIS is listed as one of the six gases under global control. In response to the call for energy saving and emission reduction, SF6 gas fulfills corporate social responsibility and reduces the SF6 usage while improving the reliability of GIS operation. SF6 / N2 mixed gas Become an alternative first choice. Wuxi Yuan Tong Gas also take the initiative to participate in the company to undertake GIS bus SF6 / N2 gas field trial work. The 220 kV Puqing SF6 / N2 mixed gas pilot project SF6 content decreased from 100% to 30%. The pilot projects are highly valued by all parties and all units are strongly organized and coordinated to complete pilot work safely and quality.

Next, Wuxi Yuan Tong Gas will continue to do regular inspections during the one-year probationary period and accumulate experience in on-site operation and maintenance. The 110 kV regional equipment of 220 kV will be replaced with mixed gas in addition to the interrupter. Will save 1210.3 kg of SF6 gas, the number of substations in the country, then the demand for SF6 will be reduced how much? It is worth gas manufacturers and investors thinking!http://www.wxytgas.com/