Rules for the use of cylinder gases and the use of carbon dioxide cylinders

- May 11, 2018-

In the process of operation, cylinder gas is a special pressure steel cylinder that stores compressed gas. In the process of use, it can effectively control the release of gas through its pressure relief valve. In operation, the internal pressure of the cylinder gas is large (up to 15MPa), and some gas is flammable or toxic, so the steel is used in the use of steel. Pay attention to safety during the bottle.

When the cylinder gas is used, the valve should be closed according to its regulations. In the operation, the main valve should be tightened and the valve should not be leaked. To a certain extent, the habit of checking the cylinder when leaving the laboratory is effectively formed. In order to avoid the confusion of various gases, the wrong gases are usually applied outside the cylinders for specific colors so as to distinguish the names of gases in bottles.

The cylinder of the compressed gas of cylinder gas should be used upright to a certain extent. In the operation, it is necessary to use the frame or fence to fix it. To a certain extent, it is forbidden to move and knock at random. To a certain extent, it should be carried light and light when allowed to move. When using, check the tightness of the cylinder and the connecting gas path to ensure that the gas is not leaking. When using gas in cylinders, a pressure reducing valve (barometer) is used. All kinds of gas barometer must not be mixed to prevent explosion.

To a certain extent, the gas of the cylinder must not use oil or other inflammable organic matter on the cylinder. In operation, no cotton, hemp and other objects can be blocked in order to prevent the accident from burning. All kinds of gas cylinders must be regularly inspected according to state regulations. In the process of use, attention must be paid to the state of the cylinder. If serious corrosion or other serious damage is found, it should be stopped and checked in advance.

The use method and precautions of carbon dioxide cylinder

1. use method

1. before the use of carbon dioxide cylinders, check whether the joint is leaking. It can be inspected with soap solution and adjusted until it does not leak.

2. carbon dioxide cylinder, to a certain extent, open the total switch of its cylinder counter clockwise first, effectively observe the readings of the high pressure meter, record the total carbon dioxide pressure in the high-pressure bottle to a certain extent, and then rotate the low pressure meter pressure to adjust the screw when the operation is carried out, which can make it compress the main spring to be the valve. Open it.

3. the high pressure gas imported from the high pressure chamber is reduced to the low pressure chamber after throttling and decompression, and is exported to the working system through the outlet. After use, close the cylinder main switch clockwise and unscrew the relief valve counterclockwise.

2. carbon dioxide cylinders

1. prevent the use of high temperature of the cylinder. The cylinder should be stored in a cool, dry and far away heat source (such as sunlight, heating and fire). It should not exceed 31 degrees C, so as to avoid the increase of the temperature of the liquid CO2, the volume expansion and the formation of high pressure gas, causing the explosion danger.

2. cylinders must not be laid down. If the cylinder is laid down and the pressure relief valve is opened, the CO2 liquid will quickly vaporize, which will easily lead to an accident of air pipe burst and a large number of CO2 leaks.

3. CO2 must not be overfilled. The volume of liquefied CO2 should not exceed 70% of the volume of the cylinder in the temperate climate.