Requirements for gas cylinders for medical oxygen

- Nov 23, 2017-

Filling medical oxygen cylinder requirements: the general requirements should conform to the "Gas bottle safety Supervision regulations" and gb8982-88 "medical oxygen" national standards in the relevant provisions, specific requirements:

1. The internal surface of cylinder requires smooth, no rust crumbs, oxidizing skin and other mechanical impurities;

2. The inner surface of the cylinder is dried without moisture;

3, the outer surface of the cylinder blue paint color, "medical oxygen" black word mark clear, and spraying Red Cross signs. The outer surface should keep clean and hygienic without pollution;

4, cylinder safety accessories, shock-proof aprons, fixed bottle caps should be aligned;

5, cylinder oxygen valve requirements No leakage, no pollution;

6, after the oxygen, bottle valve should wear a material pressure cap, to prevent valve mouth pollution;

7, medical oxygen cylinders should be special bottles, not with industrial oxygen cylinders onto mixing.

8, according to national standards for medical oxygen cylinders every 3 years must carry out water pressure testing to ensure the safety of oxygen cylinders.

9, the gas bottle affixed with the medical Oxygen certificate, printed on the top of the manufacturer, production date, period of validity and other content.