Requirements and classification requirements of electronic gas for steel cylinders

- May 09, 2018-

The gas used in the semiconductor industry is called the electronic gas, which can be effectively divided into three categories, such as high pure gas, pure gas and semiconductor special material gas. In the process of making, its special material gas is mainly used for epitaxy, doping and etching process, and electron gas is an important branch of special gases. The electronic gas can be divided into electronic grade, LSI (large scale integrated circuit) level, VLSI (large scale integrated circuit) level and ULSI (large scale integrated circuit) level.

The electronic gas is effectively known as the "grain" of the semiconductor material in the industry. In the course of its use, the performance of its semiconductor devices depends largely on the quality of the electronic gas used. In general, the purity of the electronic gas is increased by a number of orders of magnitude, which will greatly promote the semi conductance. Because of the qualitative leap of physical devices, developed countries are actively developing electronic chemical gases with independent intellectual property rights, and have achieved remarkable results.

Unlike other gases, the requirements of the gas cylinders filled with electronic standard gas are very strict when they are used, otherwise the accuracy of the gas configuration is high and the stability can not be used. First, the geometry size, diameter and bottle height of the gas cylinder of the mixed gas should meet the requirements of the user. In the field of semiconductors, the cylinder is usually placed in the cylinder cabinet, the size of the cylinder cabinet and the connection of the pipe valves are determined, and the height of the cylinder can not be desired.

For its different kinds of electronic gas will be effective in the cylinder color mark, warning signs and other aspects, has been effective in very detailed standards, electronic standard gas cylinders in addition to the basic requirements, the cleanliness of its inner wall is especially important, otherwise, the good gas will be abandoned because of the pollution of the gas cylinder.

The cleanliness of the cylinder is very important. In general, there are three specific detection indexes: oxygen content, water content and particle content. After the gas cylinder is dry after physical or chemical treatment, it is filled with super pure helium, and the requirement of the gas cylinder is determined by measuring the index of super pure helium gas. There are many methods to treat the inner wall of the cylinder, such as sand blasting, rust removal, oil removal and acid washing, and other methods, such as nickel plating and grinding, are for the depth treatment of the inner surface.