Purification technology of helium gas - The purification and recycling of new industrial waste helium gas

- Dec 27, 2017-

Helium is a scarce strategic resource, especially in China, and helium resources are very scarce, almost entirely dependent on imports. But helium is very widely used. It is an important resource in military reconnaissance airship and industrial optical fiber, semiconductor, air conditioner, welding and other high-end manufacturing fields. The consumption of helium in industry field is increasing year by year, but helium is not purified and recycled in the industrial field, and discharges into the atmosphere directly after consumption which is a great waste. Therefore, the comprehensive research on the technology of the purification cycle of the helium gas in the industrial field has become the focus of the industry again.

The usual method of helium purification cycle equipment is low temperature and condensation. In addition, in the process of equipment development, a large number of new technologies in the field of low temperature are also adopted, including the vibration reduction of high pressure helium compressor, the special welding technology of low temperature and high pressure copper pipe, the sealing technology of low temperature and high pressure, and so on, so as to optimize the product. On this basis, because of the breakthrough in the purification technology of membrane separation and compound purification and separation method, the purity of low pure helium can be purified from less than 10% to more than 99.5%, the recovery rate of system purification can reach 60%.

The new industrial waste helium purification and recycling equipment made by Chinese enterprises is monitored by the industrial PLC. The purity, measurement, pressure and temperature of helium in the system are monitored. The automatic monitoring of the compressor, the drying purification device, the purifier and the control valves is realized, and the automation of the equipment is completed. The fully intelligent, safe and reliable automatic control technology is also a key technology and characteristic of the project.

The purification of helium gas is an international frontier research field. The purification of helium gas uses a lot of methods such as cryogenic condensation, membrane separation, pressure swing adsorption and chemical adsorption. The enterprises in our country based on the research of the technology of low temperature. We broke the technical bottleneck of cryogenic condensation separation, developed the technology and equipment for separation and purification of industrial helium gas membrane. We have a competition with international giants in helium purification technology and equipment, and have an active study of composite helium separation by membrane separation and low temperature separation, compined with the characteristics of high recovery and high purity by combining membrane separation efficiency and low temperature separation. First, helium is crude purified by membrane separation technology, and then fine purified by low temperature separation technology to meet the multiple needs of energy saving and high purity in the industrial field.http://www.wxytgas.com/