Preparation method of Krypton gas

- Nov 23, 2017-

Widely used in electronic industry, electric light industrial, but also for gas lasers and plasma flow. The pure Krypton gas-filled bulb has the advantages of high luminous rate, small volume, long life and power saving compared with the same power filled argon bulb. It is used to make Miner's lamp, because of its high transmission rate, it can be used to make the light and runway light of the night War chariot. Health care is used to measure cerebral blood flow. Its isotope can be used as a trace agent. Radioactive krypton can be used for the leak detection of airtight vessels and the continuous determination of material thickness, as well as the use of atomic lamps that do not require electrical energy. In addition, KR 86 is used for the international benchmark calibration of the length and KR 85 is used for the "Krypton" processing of the material.


⒈ Air Separation method: Extracting Krypton and xenon mixture gas from the air separation unit. By extracting the poor krypton, removing hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, and separating them, 99.99% pure Krypton was obtained.

⒉ to extract krypton and xenon mixture from the tail gas of synthetic ammonia, and then to produce 99% krypton gas by distillation, washing, oxygen removal, adsorption and desorption.

⒊ the radioactive Kr85 from the fission gas of the nuclear reactor. Industrially, there is a freon solvent absorption method.