Precautions for the use of cream eggs and whether you can bring high-speed rail

- Aug 10, 2018-

The learning, understanding and mastery of the knowledge related to butter and eggs will continue below, because to achieve this level of comprehensiveness, and for everyone, we can broaden our knowledge through learning, so we must take it seriously and carry it out. Constantly familiar with the specific products of butter and eggs, and achieve the correct and rational use of the product.


1. Creamy eggs, can it be used only on cream?

Creamy eggs, the main application area is in the production of cakes, specifically in the production of cream on cakes. However, it can also be used in coffee making, mainly for the production of some fancy coffee, which can increase the aesthetic appearance of the coffee and enhance the taste of the coffee to some extent.


2. Is it a gas or a liquid in a creamy egg?

Creamy egg, which is named after the small steel pipe is filled with nitrous oxide gas. So, obviously, the answer to this question is gas. Moreover, it is also clear from its name that it is not difficult and complicated. If the steel tank is filled with liquid, it cannot be called a creamy egg.


3. Precautions for the use of cream eggs

Creamy eggs, the instructions for use are: first, the cream is applied, and the dosage is generally controlled, usually half the amount of the bottle, and the rest is used to fill the nitrous oxide gas. After that, install the cap and creamy mouth, tighten the bottle, and shake it up and down 3 to 5 times, so that the gas and cream are fully fused, so that you can milk the container. If the cream is used up, there is still some gas, and the remaining gas is lighted and then disassembled for cleaning. It should be noted that the cream eggs can not be recycled. If they are opened, they cannot be placed overnight, because the gas inside will run out.


4. Creamy eggs, can they bring high-speed rail?

This question, if you refer to the rules and regulations of the "Guests of the Passengers" of the high-speed rail, you can bring high-speed rail as long as it does not emit irritating odors or may cause unpleasant odors in some people, and there is no danger or safety hazard. Therefore, it is still necessary to look at the actual situation in order to make an accurate judgment.