Outstanding characteristics of high purity nitrogen and fire emergency measures for high purity gas

- May 07, 2018-

High purity gas of high purity gas has been widely used in various fields in the process of use. In the manufacture of semiconductor and electric vacuum devices, it is mainly used as carrier gas and protective gas, the carrier gas of chemical vapor deposition, the carrier gas of the liquid diffusion source, and the protective gas of the device in the high temperature diffuser.

High purity nitrogen of high purity gas in space technology, the liquid hydrogen filling system must first replace with high purity nitrogen and then replace it with high-purity helium. The application of high purity nitrogen in high purity gas must be done in the process of fire emergency, so as to minimize the error of its operation.

Information on fire emergency measures for high purity gas with high purity nitrogen

1. quickly evacuate personnel in the leaking area and isolate them and strictly restrict access.

2. it is suggested that emergency personnel should wear self-contained positive pressure respirator. Do not contact the leakage directly. Cut off the leakage source as much as possible. Prevent gas from accumulating in a concave place and catch fire and explode when a source of fire occurs.

3. the air leakage is sent to the open space by the exhaust fan. Leakage containers should be properly treated, repaired and tested for reuse.

4. use foggy water to keep the container cool in the fire field. Fog water spray can be used to accelerate liquid nitrogen evaporation, but not to use liquid gun to shoot liquid nitrogen. If inhaled high purity nitrogen, it is difficult to breathe and give oxygen.

Protruding characteristics of high pure nitrogen for high purity gas

1. program control, the control system of the instrument is mainly used with its special chip in the operation. It is completed in all the work process, and the automatic constant pressure, constant current and nitrogen flow can be automatically adjusted according to the amount of 0-300ml/min.

2. three grade catalysis, high pure gas of high pure nitrogen in addition to the two level catalysis in the electrolyzer, there will be a third pole catalysis, catalyst selection of new precious metals, so that the output of nitrogen oxygen content is less than 3ppm.

3. high purity nitrogen of high purity gas is very safe and reliable when used. It will be equipped with safety devices to a certain extent. It is very sensitive and reliable.

4. the technology of high purity nitrogen of high purity gas is advanced, and the electrolytic cell adopts vertical single liquid surface double cathode. The latest membrane separation technology, the use of PCAN carrier and precious metal catalyst in the catalytic layer makes the electrolysis pool high catalytic efficiency, high gas production and high nitrogen purity. The electrolysis pool passes over 100 hours of high pressure before the plant is out of the factory, and the large current aging test makes the performance and working state of the electrolyzer very stable.

The 5. operation is convenient, the transportation steel bottle is free, the steel bottles are transported in the province, and the use is only to open the power switch to produce nitrogen. It can be used continuously and can be used intermittently, and the nitrogen production is stable and unattenuated.http://www.wxytgas.com/