On-site gas concept

- Feb 07, 2019-

On-site gas production, also known as third-party on-site gas supply, is a very mature gas supply method in developed countries, which means that the gas company at the gas user site in order to meet the gas type, purity and pressure in the production process. Supplying and managing gas production and supply units for different needs, supplying industrial gases on a one-to-one basis:

What are the benefits of on-site gas production?

 With the development of the economy, more and more companies have invested their manpower, material resources and financial resources in their core business, and handed over the public and auxiliary supporting work to professional companies.

Comparison of the advantages of on-site gas production with liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen supply:

When the customer's gas consumption reaches a certain scale (usually when the oxygen and nitrogen consumption are above 400 cubic meters per hour), the advantages of on-site gas production over liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen supply are as follows:

- Reliability is greatly improved. The affluent products that do not rely on peripheral oxygen generators overcome the impact of affluent gas products on supply reliability due to differences in peak seasons;

 - The cost of gas use has dropped significantly. Due to changes in supply methods, customers can significantly reduce gas procurement costs while improving reliability.

The advantages of professional gas companies investing in gas stations compared to their own investment and construction sites:

From the international experience, the vast majority of overseas customers have chosen third-party gas supply, rather than the customer's own investment in the construction of gas stations, the reasons are:

- Labor saving. When you need to use the gas, open the valve and turn it off when you don't need it. You don't have to pay for the equipment, you have to use the equipment, and the gas is just as convenient as using tap water.

- Peace of mind. The operation risk, production cost and gas quality of gas equipment are undertaken and controlled by professional gas companies, and the gas cost is clear and unaffected by market fluctuations throughout the contract period;

-reliable. The on-site gas system of afterburner combines the world's most advanced technology level on-site gas production solutions and equipment. The on-site gas system can realize all-weather online and remote control, and can produce standby liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen to ensure the reliability of customer gas.

-economic. Professional company management can reduce customers' gas use costs without increasing the total cost of customers.www.wxytgas.com