New process of hydrogen storage and hydrogen production

- Jan 08, 2018-

One of the most effective ways to make use of renewable energy is to make hydrogen from electrolyzed water, and then store hydrogen for reserve. High efficiency hydrogen storage technology has always been a key issue for scientists in various countries. In the latest research, a special organic carrier fluid is combined with hydrogen fuel into a stable chemical to facilitate the safe storage and transport of hydrogen fuel.

In order to let the two devices be made one, researchers developed a special catalyst, it can effective catalyze the loading and unloading reaction of hydrogen fuel at the same temperature. Therefore, in one device, just change pressure can complete the storage and release of hydrogen fuel, greatly simplifying the hydrogen fuel storage requirements for equipment.

Another great advantage of the new process is to make full use of the chemical reaction heat produced when the stored hydrogen fuel is released. At present, the operating temperature of the hydrogen fuel storage equipment is about 150 degrees centigrade, and the operating temperature of the hydrogen fuel release equipment is about 300 degrees centigrade. Although the reaction heat of hydrogen storage can be provided for release in theory, it is difficult to achieve the above idea because of the different reaction temperature of the two devices. While the new technology can store hydrogen fuel at high temperature, and the heat generated can be directly released for use. For this reason, the researchers also developed high-temperature hydrogenation process and the corresponding catalyst.

The biggest advantage of the integration of hydrogen fuel device is that the storage and preparation of hydrogen fuel will be very convenient, the industrial production of storage and production of hydrogen fuel is very beneficial, full, safe and smooth utilization of solar energy is also very useful, and will play a great role in the renewable energy system in the future.