Nature of dry ice

- Jul 29, 2020-

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. At room temperature and a pressure of 6079.8 kPa, the carbon dioxide is condensed into a colorless liquid, and then quickly evaporated at low pressure, it condenses into compact ice-like solid materials, the temperature of which is minus zero 78.5 ℃, this is dry ice. Dry ice storage is 1.5 times more than water ice. After absorbing heat, it sublimes into carbon dioxide gas, without any residue, non-toxicity, odor, and sterilization. It is not liquefied after being heated. Direct gasification. Dry ice is the solid state of carbon dioxide. Because the temperature of dry ice is very low, the temperature is minus 78.5 degrees Celsius, so it is often used to maintain objects in a frozen or low temperature state.