Low temperature storage tank operators

- Jan 08, 2019-

1. Low temperature storage tank operators:

The structure and characteristics of the equipment and its valve system should be understood in detail, familiar with the dangerous characteristics of cryogenic liquids, strictly control the surrounding environment, and operate according to the safe operation procedures of cryogenic storage tanks. The operator must pass the training and assessment of the quality and technical supervision department at the municipal level and above, and hold the qualification certificate for pressure vessel operation before they can work on the job. Before the operation, the operator should do the labor safety protection measures as required.

2. Tour inspection of low temperature storage tanks:

During the normal use of the cryogenic storage tank, a special person shall be responsible for the patrol inspection. Check that the pressure of the inner container must not exceed the high working pressure of the tank. If overpressure, pressure relief measures should be taken. Check the status and leakage status of each valve, and find that the status is different or there are leaks. Measures should be taken in time to properly correct the abnormality.

3. Regular inspection of low temperature storage tanks:

Regularly check the vacuum in the jacket of the cryogenic storage tank. If the degree of vacuum deteriorates, the vacuuming measures should be taken (the vacuuming of the storage tank should be carried out by the professional unit or the original manufacturing unit).

4. Low temperature storage tanks should be inspected regularly:

Low-temperature storage tanks are special equipment for national compulsory safety inspection and are listed in the third type of pressure vessels. They should be regularly inspected according to relevant national technical specifications. Tank safety accessories should also be inspected regularly. General pressure gauges, level gauges, safety valves, rupture disc devices, etc. are at least verified or replaced annually. If you find that there are various faults in the cryogenic tank equipment and accessories, you should always find out the cause, make a correct analysis and judgment, and take reasonable solutions to ensure its continuous normal operation and safe use.www.wxytgas.com