Liquid nitrogen ice cream deposit supervision blind zone Improper operation will hurt people

- Sep 21, 2018-

This summer, the air-filled liquid nitrogen ice cream became the new favorite of dessert. Unlike ordinary ice cream, liquid nitrogen ice cream will continue to emit white smoke, and a mouthful of white smoke will emerge from the nose and mouth of the mouth, as if it had its own special effects.

 Earlier this month, Ms. Huang of Liuzhou, Guangxi, bought a smoked ice cream for her 5-year-old daughter in the ancient town of Yaolong. Ms. Huang recalled that the clerk licked a few ice cream balls into the paper bowl, and then licked some liquid into it, and then the ice cream began to smoke.

Suddenly, the daughter shouted "good ice is good", Ms. Huang saw that something like a smoothie fell on her daughter. After a while, the daughter shouted, and Ms. Huang found a blisters in her abdomen. Subsequently, Ms. Huang took her daughter to the hospital, and the diagnosis was frostbite on the skin, leaving scars.


The Children's Hospital affiliated to Suzhou University recently received a small patient with frostbite. The frostbitten child is five years old and attends the birthday party of the small partner. The children eat the “smoke” ice cream and eat while playing. The 5-year-old child put the ice cream in his mouth because his mouth was not big enough. When the child reacted to the pain, the ice cream was firmly stuck in his mouth and could not go down. When the ice cream melts and falls off, the child's lips are swollen and the adhesions cannot be opened.


The children's hospital diagnosed that the child was frostbitten at a low temperature. Fortunately, due to timely medical treatment, the frostbite was mild, and it was no problem after simple treatment.


In the summer, eat ice drinks and be careful of “brain freezing”. “Brain freezing” is also called “ice cream headache”. This is a more serious frostbite for your child's health!

“Ice cream headaches” are mostly caused by children and youth groups who love cold drinks. A survey of 8359 adolescents in Taiwan found that the prevalence of ice cream headaches increased significantly among migraine students, reducing or abandoning ice cream, which reduced the incidence of “ice cream headaches”.