Liquid nitrogen ice cream deposit supervision blind zone Improper operation will hurt people

- Sep 20, 2018-

There is a soft place on the top of the human mouth, where a large number of sensory nerves and blood vessels are hidden. When the child suddenly swallows a large ice cream, the low temperature food comes into contact with the upper jaw. The nerves of the upper jaw may send a false signal - the brain is too cold and needs to be heated and protected quickly. Therefore, the blood vessels near the brain are dilated and the blood flow is increased.

Increased blood flow in the brain can cause headaches. On the other hand, cold stimulation immediately causes the blood vessels of the upper jaw to contract, and this contraction stimulates the pain nerves here, and the pain is transmitted back to the brain. "Ice Cream Headache" can harm your child's brain, leaving the following hazards in addition to migraine headaches:

1. The coldness of ice cream can hurt the child's spleen and stomach

2. High fat and sugar in ice cream are not easy to digest

3. A large number of food additives will reduce the appetite of the child.

Is there a safety hazard in liquid nitrogen ice cream? Wu Yukun, a science lecturer at the Yuzhong District Science and Technology Association in Chongqing, said the answer is yes. Although liquid nitrogen itself is non-toxic and harmless, its temperature is extremely low, and the temperature can be as low as -196 ° C under normal pressure. If it is exposed to liquid nitrogen for a long time or a large amount of liquid nitrogen vaporizes and absorbs heat on the skin surface, it is easy to cause skin frostbite. . If it is in contact with liquid nitrogen for more than 2 minutes, it will cause cell tissue necrosis and cause irreversible damage. “Consumers buy cups of liquid nitrogen ice cream, mostly in paper bowls without cold protection, which can easily cause skin frostbite. Therefore, be careful when tasting this kind of net red ice cream.” Wu Yikun reminded.