Industrial wastewater treatment has a new move, the role of carbon dioxide

- Jan 19, 2018-

Gas circle News, Messer Group, Zhejiang Meixida Group supply of carbon dioxide to deal with alkaline wastewater, and provide complete sets of ideal and environmentally friendly alkaline wastewater neutralization equipment. With the increasing emphasis on environmental issues in the country, the effective treatment of industrial wastewater has become a problem to be solved urgently by many enterprises, especially the textile printing and dyeing and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Mizinda Group, one of the leading private-owned companies in Zhejiang Province, is involved in the field of green power generation and pharmaceuticals and also has good experience in waste management and wastewater treatment.

The company signed a supply contract with Messer for supply of carbon dioxide, which is used to neutralize alkaline wastewater. This high pH wastewater must be neutralized by the addition of acid for further treatment or drainage to the drainage system. Milda has been using sulfuric acid for a long time. However, the use of sulfuric acid requires high safety measures. It is not only expensive to use, but also forms odorous hydrogen sulfide and mineral salts in wastewater treatment. In contrast, carbon dioxide dissolves in water to form weakly acidic carbonic acid, completely free from the problems posed by sulfuric acid, and the neutralization process is safe, harmless and efficient. The pH adjustment system already installed at the Mizinda plant also helps reduce production costs. As a result, the company is now planning to work with Messer on other projects.