Industrial gas distributors are highly competitive

- Jul 18, 2019-

In addition, new competitors are likely to emerge, especially as some industrial gas distributors may stand out. Campbell previously said: "In the United States, half of the small customers in the packaging industrial gas business are in the hands of entrepreneurs, they may turn to industrial gas production. Once the distribution reaches a certain amount, they can raise funds to become a producer." China Local Gas Company can fully learn from this model.

Suresh said that with the merger of Linde-Plex, the major industry giants have the opportunity to refocus on research and improve technology to serve customers more effectively. In recent years, the research and development expenditure of the industrial gas industry has shown a downward trend, mainly because economic growth has driven the steady growth of industry demand, and industrial gas companies can maintain profit margins by passing energy costs to customers. Now with the dust of large-scale mergers and acquisitions, industrial gas giants have begun to increase profits by strengthening research and development. “Suresh said. The French Air Liquide Group invested more than 2.1 billion yuan in research and development in