Improved operation and explanation of carbon dioxide solubility experiment

- Jan 04, 2018-

Carbon dioxide is a kind of gas, if it becomes solid, it is our commonly known dry ice. Carbon dioxide has a certain solubility in water, so it can dissolve in water. In our daily life, this is also common, such as carbonated drinks, karst cave and so on, so that there is carbon dioxide solubility experiment. Today we are going to discuss this experiment, specifically, how the experiment can be improved.

1.Experimental operation

(1)The specification of the disposable syringe used in the experiment is 20ml, then take the needle and replace the 2cm long soft hose.

(2)Extract 10ml water first (preferably cold water), and take care not to pull in the air when extracting. Then extract 10ml carbon dioxide, and the soft rubber hose should be clamped with the spring clip immediately after the extraction is finished.

(3)Oscillate the needle tube forcefully. When stop oscillating, the piston will move forward slowly. Until the piston stops, push the piston gently and observe the location of the piston. Then oscillate the needle tube, and let  the syringe erect, Pay attention to the front-end is up. Pull down the piston and the bubbles can be seen in the solution at the same time.

2.Phenomenon analysis

Why do bubbles appear in the needle tube when the piston is pulled down? Because there is a lot of carbon dioxide gas. And if the pressure is small, the amount of dissolved carbon dioxide in the water will decrease, and on the other hand, it will increase.

3.Advantages of the experiment

The material is easy to obtain, the phenomenon is obvious, and can carry on the intuitionistic feeling. The carbon dioxide solution obtained by the experiment can also be used in other experiments and can be reused.