Important considerations for the purchase of Cream Chargers and instructions for using them

- Dec 15, 2018-

Cream Chargers, which are mainly used in cakes and coffee, so they are used in cake shops and coffee shops. Based on this, and in order to use Cream Chargers properly and reasonably, the following will be done. To get to know this product correctly.


1. When the Cream Charger is purchased, is the product price and the manufacturer an important consideration?

When the Cream Charger is purchased, its product price and manufacturer are two important considerations and cannot be ignored. Therefore, based on this, we should pay attention to it and take it seriously. Moreover, what we need to know is that in addition to these two considerations, when the product is purchased, there are other considerations, such as the origin and quality of the product.


2. Is there any precautions in the use of gas in Cream Chargers?

The gas in the Cream Charger is an inert gas of nitrous oxide, which can be used safely in use, without any precautions, because this gas has stable performance at normal temperature and does not react with any substance. . However, in the storage of gas, it is necessary to ensure that the steel tank has a good sealing performance, so as to prevent the gas leaking from the steel tank and let the gas therein run out, thereby making the Cream Charger unable to be used normally.


3. Can the cream obtained by egg white be used together with Cream Chargers?

The cream obtained from the egg white is not true cream and cannot be eaten directly because it is a raw creamy substance rather than a cream. Therefore, it cannot be used together with a Cream Charger, and it cannot be foamed or creamed. The real use of this substance is in the production of sponge cakes or hurricane cakes.


4. Do Cream Chargers and soda bombs have something in common?

Cream Chargers and soda bombs, although there are similarities in the name, but this is two different things. First, the gas in the Cream Charger is a gas of nitrous oxide, the gas in the soda bomb. It is carbon dioxide; secondly, in use, Cream Chargers are used together with cream for foaming and creaming, while soda bombs are used in the production of soda.