Hydrogen energy van type cold chain logistics vehicle debuted in South China Sea

- Mar 15, 2018-

Gas circle news, “Hydrogen Energy, New Benchmark, Leading the Future” 2018 China National Synergy's strategic signing ceremony for the commercial operation of hydrogen-powered van transport logistics vehicles was held in Nanhai a few days ago. At the meeting, the hydrogen energy tanker transport logistics vehicle equipped with a cold chain system made its debut. In the future, it will be used for the distribution of live agricultural products, achieving zero pollution and zero carbon emissions throughout the entire transportation period.


The first cold chain logistics vehicle debut

In December of last year, the first batch of hydrogen-fueled box-type logistics transport vehicles from the Foshan (Yunfu) Industrial Transfer Industrial Park in Guangdong Province was formally put on the new energy vehicle special number plate and put on the road to get the favor and cooperation of many companies. With policy guidance, government support, and market expectations, Guoneng Liansheng has made major breakthroughs in the promotion of hydrogen energy vehicles and has achieved three “firsts”: the introduction of the first hydrogen energy sources officially put into commercial use in China. Van trucks, harvesting the first batch of hydrogen energy vehicle operation licenses, and signing the first cooperation agreement of 1000 hydrogen energy box trucks nationwide in 2018. Just two weeks ago, China National Liansheng Corporation once again achieved its fourth “first”—based on hydrogen energy, it took the lead in breaking technical barriers and assisted in the development of the nation’s first 3.3 tons of nuclear hydrogen-carrying tanks. Cold chain transport logistics vehicle.

The reporter saw at the scene that the cold chain model was equipped with a layer of white insulation in addition to air conditioning. According to reports, the National Energy Lian Sheng hydrogen energy compartment type cold chain transport vehicle uses hydrogen energy as the transportation and cooling power, and the car body cooling temperature range is room temperature to -30°C, which is suitable for all kinds of constant temperature, cold storage and frozen logistics transportation needs. Provides efficient transport capacity for frozen foods, processed products and pharmaceutical products in urban distribution. At the same time, to achieve complete zero pollution and zero carbon emissions.

Liang Yanbin, head of Zhongshan City Bee Logistics Service Co., Ltd., said that although the company was established only two years ago, it has become a bright spot through the use of new energy vehicles for logistics distribution, and it has formed a certain scale. We hope that through this cooperation, we will use hydrogen energy vehicles to enter the Foshan market. "This year, the company will also use hydrogen-type logistics vehicles as the main platform for its operations."http://www.wxytgas.com