How to compare the filling of cream egg gas and its products from different manufacturers

- Aug 30, 2018-

The in-depth study and comprehensive understanding of the creamy egg will continue below, because only when this level is achieved, the correct use and rational use of the product can be realized, and then the function and function of the product should be exerted. Therefore, I hope that everyone can take it seriously and ensure that it has a good learning effect.


1. Does the different types of cream affect the use of cream eggs?

Cream, which has two kinds of vegetable cream and animal cream, and these two different creams will not affect the use of cream eggs, because the gas in the cream egg is an inert gas and will not occur with cream. Any reaction, therefore, will have this conclusion. However, it will affect the foaming effect and foaming quality of the cream, because there are some differences in the texture of the vegetable cream and the animal cream.


2. How to compare the products of different manufacturers in the purchase of creamy eggs?

In the purchase of creamy eggs, the manufacturer is an important and must consider one aspect. Moreover, if the products produced by different manufacturers are to be compared, then the products can be from the cream eggs. The price, appearance, capacity, and product usage are compared to determine and get specific results.


3. If the creamy egg is used in coffee making, which kind of coffee will be used in the making process?

Creamy eggs, which can be used in coffee making, in addition to cake making, but not every type of coffee is used, mainly in the production of fancy coffee, used to improve The aesthetic appearance of the coffee and the improvement of the taste of the coffee, in order to improve the overall quality of the coffee.


4. How does a nitrous oxide gas be put into a steel can to get a creamy egg?

The nitrous oxide gas in the cream egg is generally filled into a steel can by using a filling machine or other filling equipment to obtain a creamy egg. Because the filling machine is better in filling effect, and the operation is simple and convenient, it is more to use the filling machine. As for other filling equipment, it is necessary to see if it is necessary to use, if any, Use instead of a filling machine.