How is the creamy egg used correctly and is it related to the creamy taste?

- Oct 08, 2018-

Creamy eggs contain a lot of knowledge, so below, we will continue to learn and master the relevant knowledge, so as to further familiarize with and understand the creamy eggs and at the same time, reach the full level as soon as possible, thus realizing the product. Correct and reasonable use.


1. What is the smell of the gas in the cream egg?

Creamy egg, which is filled with nitrous oxide in a small steel tank. Moreover, this gas has a creamy aroma, so it is called a cream egg and can be used for cream foaming. And will not let the cream have other flavors, except for the taste of cream. Therefore, the gas in the cream egg has a smell similar to that of the cream.


2. How should the creamy eggs be used correctly? Is it widely used?

The correct use of cream eggs is mainly due to two points. First, after the cream eggs are opened, the gas in the steel tank should be used once, not overnight. Second, the steel cans after the use of the cream eggs should not be thrown away. This can be recycled to avoid waste and pollute the environment. But creamy eggs, from the current point of view, are mainly used in the production of cakes and fancy coffee, not widely used, because improper use or misuse can bring unsafe factors.


3. Is the taste of the cream related to the type of cream or the creamy egg?

The taste of the cream is professionally related to the type of cream, and has nothing to do with the creamy egg, because the cream egg is used for foaming and creaming, and the gas does not react with the cream, so It does not affect the taste of the cream, it only affects the foaming and molding quality of the cream. In addition, whether animal butter or vegetable cream is used will affect the taste of the cream.


4. In the foaming of the cream, is it required to have a high purity of the gas in the cream egg?

In the foaming of the cream, it is required that the gas in the cream egg is high in purity, and if it is pure and does not have any impurities, the nitrous oxide gas can ensure the foam has good foaming quality and foaming effect. If there are other gases in the cream, and other gases will react with the water in the cream, it will greatly reduce the foaming quality and foaming effect of the cream.