High purity gases pipeline piping

- Mar 15, 2019-

The high-purity gases is transported by pipeline. The key to whether the high-purity gases can be sent to the gas point and still maintain the quality is that the gas supply system is designed reasonably, the pipe fittings and accessories are selected correctly, the construction and installation are correct, and the test is qualified.


High-purity gases pipeline transportation pipelines shall be made of pipes of corresponding quality according to different requirements of gas purity, allowable impurity content and particulate content in the process. For example, because of its complex production process and fine processing, the semiconductor industry not only requires a clean production environment, but also has specific and strict requirements for various high-purity gases required in the production process, from micron technology to submicron and deep. Sub-micron (less than 0.35gm) technology, the content of impurities in the gas, water content requirements are extremely strict, 10 -6 (ppm level) can not meet the requirements, need to reach 10-9 (ppb level), even 10-12 (ppt level). Therefore, it is necessary to adapt the characteristics of the pipe material of the conveying pipe itself to the requirements of high purity and ultra high purity gases.www.wxytgas.com