High purity gas filling requirements and high purity chlorine gas purification technology

- May 10, 2018-

High purity gases in the process of gas filling, the operators need to effectively will hook up the oxygen bottles and filling device for filling, in the process of filling, the operator need to stay between the inflatable bottle without any safety protection measures. In the event of an accident, the personnel are directly impacted. This will cause a great danger to the operation personnel safety production, need to increase the corresponding protection device to safeguard personnel's safety.

High purity gases generally directly from the bottle, cylinder valves and air interface and pressure gauge parts, in the process of gas, the oxygen tank will be filling device connected directly through the air interface. According to the standard, the aeration pressure of oxygen cylinder is 20MPa.

For high purity gas cylinders, average in the process of operating for bottle body wall thickness is larger, and the material has good plasticity and apparent strain hardening characteristics, can effectively prevent material of plastic flow. The bottle body will produce plastic deformation after the pressure exceeds the yield limit. However, due to the strain hardening of the bottle material, its carrying capacity is improved. When the material of the bottle is completely caved in, it cannot be considered that the oxygen cylinder has failed. Only when the pressure increases to a certain value, the deformation of the bottle is increased, the wall thickness is reduced, the carrying capacity is reduced, and the bottle body is exploded.

Normally chlorine color to yellow gas under atmospheric pressure, in the process of operating through the compression can be liquefied to golden yellow liquid chlorine, is one of the main products of the chlor-alkali industry, used as a strong oxidizer and chlorinating agent. Chlorine is mixed 5% (volume), chlorine gas is toxic, mainly through the respiratory tract invasion of the body and dissolved in the mucosa contained in the water, can cause damage to the upper respiratory mucosa. Chlorine can react with organic and inorganic substances to produce a variety of chlorides. High purity chlorine gas can react with organics and inorganic compounds to produce a variety of chlorides.

Purification of high purity chlorine gas.

1. The secondary adsorption is adopted, and the twin towers are connected in series. The primary crude tower removes most of the water, and the secondary fine tower ensures that the outlet water content is below 1 PPM, and the two groups alternately use the guarantee system for continuous production.

2. The adsorption tower designed by the core equipment to a certain extent is designed as a central tube electric heater, and the external belt jacket of the whole equipment is constructed. Regeneration inside the jacket steam heating, when heated to a certain temperature by the center tube electric heater temperature control, adsorption capacity, jacketed cooling water, in order to improve the adsorption efficiency and depth.

3. The center tube heater and surface adsorption tower with thermal fin heat transfer rate to strengthen, the regenerative cycle shorten half, thereby greatly reducing the equipment size and adsorbent dosage, save the investment.http://www.wxytgas.com/