High-purity gas filling preparation and pumping operation

- Jun 12, 2018-

High-purity gas is to a certain extent based on its ultra-high performance, to a certain extent, fully play its ultra-high performance, high-purity gas needs to do its own preparation before filling, and only then can it be carried out. For better use, the filling of high-purity gas mainly includes the three major processes of preparation stage, pumping operation and pipeline pressure keeping operation.


High purity gas filling preparation

1. The cylinder is on the shelf.

2. Micro-opening valve opens 0.2MPa pressure.

3. Check if the connection between the filling hose and the cylinder is leaky.

4. Close the valve, open the filling discharge valve, and relieve the pressure to 0.

5. Check if the pressure gauge is 0.

6. Confirm that there is no leakage when the filling hose is connected to the cylinder. When the pressure is 0, it can be directly evacuated.


High-purity gas filling pumping operation

1. Turn on the vacuum pump, while evacuating the bus bar, negative pressure value ≥ 0.1MPa, continue to vacuum for 15 ~ 30min, close the pumping stop valve, stop the vacuum pump.

2. Slowly open the evacuation main valve (to prevent pump oil spillage).

3. Vacuum gauge indication <-0.1MPa

4. Evacuate after 5 to 15 minutes.

5. Close the evacuation total valve.

6. Open the vent valve (prevent evacuation of the evacuation line).

7. Turn off the vacuum pump and evacuation ends.


High-purity gas filling pipe pressure maintenance operation

1. After the filling is completed, close the filling and draining valve.

After 2.30 minutes, the visual pressure gauge was reduced to 10-15% of the combustion gas, such as oxygen, nitrous oxide, etc. Otherwise gas, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, etc. http://www.wxytgas.com/