High purity gas filled pipe pressure operation and pumpdown operation.

- Apr 26, 2018-

In the process of use, as the constant development of the semiconductor and core industry in our country, the application of high purity gas pipeline is also becoming more and more widely, to a certain extent, such as medicine, food, semiconductor, electronic industry has a different degree of high purity gas pipeline, therefore, high purity gas pipeline construction is becoming more and more important for us.

High purity gas filled pipe protection operation.

1. After the high purity gas filling is finished, close the filling valve.

2.30 minutes after high purity, how long the high purity gas filling will be required, the pressure gauge pressure will be reduced to 10~15%.

High purity gas filling of the vacuum operation.

1. Open the vacuum pump, meanwhile, vacuum the bus, the negative pressure value is greater than 0.1mpa, continue to vacuum for 15~30min, and close the stop valve, and stop the vacuum pump.

2. The indicator value of the vacuum gauge is < -0.1mpa.

3. Open the main valve slowly (to prevent oil overflow).

4. Take 5~15 minutes.

5. Close the evacuation valve.

6. Open the vent valve (to prevent passing oil through the evacuation pipe).

7. Close the vacuum pump and end the vacuum.

The inspection work before high purity gas extraction.

1. The gas bottle is on the shelf.

2. Open the valve to 0.2mpa pressure.

3. Check whether the connection between the filling hose and cylinder is leaking.

4. The visual pressure gauge is 0.

5. Close the valve and open the filling vent valve and release the pressure to 0.

6. (confirm that there is no leakage between the filling hose and the gas cylinder, when the pressure is 0, it can be directly evacuated).

High purity gas should be paid attention to when storing.

1. Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse. Keep away from fire and heat.

2. The library temperature should not be more than 30 ℃. Should be stored separately from oxidizer and halogen.

3. Explosion-proof lighting and ventilation facilities are adopted. The use of mechanical equipment and tools that produce sparks is prohibited.

4. The storage area shall be equipped with emergency handling equipment.http://www.wxytgas.com/