he demand for localization of electronic gas is increasing

- Apr 10, 2019-

At present, the world semiconductor industry center is showing a trend of rapid transfer to China, so China's demand for electronic gas has also shown a significant growth. China's fast-growing semiconductor industry requires key electronic gases to be localized as soon as possible and to ensure a stable supply.

"Especially some imported products, such as laser gas, must be imported as soon as possible to ensure the healthy development of China's semiconductor industry." Xu Congying told the China Electronics News that "electronic gases are mostly flammable, Explosive and highly toxic, belonging to the control category, import is very troublesome, and the transportation cycle is long, which seriously restricts the healthy and stable development of the domestic optoelectronics and microelectronics industries. In addition, electronic gas is widely used in the field of national defense military industry as the core key raw material. Therefore, developed countries and regions such as Europe and the United States have classified some high-purity electronic gases as sensitive strategic materials, imposed technological blockades on China, and imposed embargoes, seriously affecting the development of national defense, military, aerospace and aerospace industries."

However, there is still a long way to go to truly realize the large-scale localization of electronic gas and to get rid of dependence on imported materials. Xu Congying believes that electronic gas companies must achieve mergers and acquisitions under the premise of respecting the laws of the market economy, reduce the waste of vicious competition and repeated investment, optimize the use of resources, and enhance the innovation capability of enterprises. Enterprises should also update their concepts, introduce advanced quality management systems such as Six Sigma, and provide application engineers who understand the manufacturing processes of electronic manufacturing such as IC manufacturing, providing supporting support and comprehensive services. He also suggested that the state should actively guide mergers and acquisitions in terms of funding and taxation policies, help strong enterprises to become bigger and stronger, and allow weak enterprises and enterprises with poor management ability to integrate into strong enterprises or naturally withdraw from the market. . In addition, through policy incentives, the funds in the society will be fully guided to participate in the construction of the electronic gas industry to help enterprises become bigger and stronger. "I believe that China will be able to form one or two large-scale, professional and comprehensive products and full-service domestic and international brands of electronic gas materials enterprises within 5 to 10 years." Xu Congying said.

Any type of electronic gas that enters the semiconductor manufacturing field must face at least three difficulties: verifying gas performance, mass production performance, and client acceptance. Wang Shaobo told the reporter of China Electronics News that in the process of localization of electronic gas, there are still some difficulties in customer verification and customer approval. Therefore, he believes that the development of the domestic electronic gas industry requires the state to implement and improve the financial and taxation, capital and other preferential policy support for such enterprises, increase the support of financial funds, large funds and financial departments, and guide integrated circuit manufacturers to use domestic electronics. Gas, thus helping enterprises to grasp development opportunities, accelerate technological progress and become bigger and stronger. From the perspective of enterprises, efforts should be made to improve the level of technological innovation and management, increase the systematic research and development of electronic gas commonality, basic and key technologies, improve quality awareness, management philosophy and safety management level, and use continuous and stable products and good The service wins the trust of the customer.www.wxytgas.com