Future industrial gas industry development trend

- Jul 19, 2019-

Campbell believes that the future industrial gas industry will shift from expected demand growth to investment capacity to gradually tighten demand, and then invest in new capacity. Campbell said: "Dayang Risin, Messer's acquisition of Linde-Plex's divested assets generated a large amount of debt, which will slow down the industry's investment pace, which in turn will lead to tighter demand." He added that due to capacity Declining, substantial price increases can happen at any time. This means that the profits of companies that generate debt will be affected by the economic downturn, but on the other hand, liquidity, air products and New Linde's earnings will increase.

Air Products recently announced that it will increase the price of liquid argon, liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid carbon dioxide for North American customers. According to Air Products, the price of helium will also rise based on supply and demand and cost. Campbell said that as prices rise, investment is expected to increase with demand. Market conditions in different regions may vary, the US industrial gas market will continue to grow, and Europe may experience a decline. 2019 The 4th International Gas Industry Development Summit Forum.www.wxytgas.com