Four advantages of dry ice

- Aug 03, 2020-

Refrigerated transport is the largest: the sublimation point of dry ice is -78.5℃, the cold storage capacity is twice that of ice, and the effect for cold storage is much better than ice. The most important thing is that as the temperature rises, dry ice will not turn into water like ice. If it gets everywhere, it will only sublimate into gas, without residue and pollution. Therefore, the use of dry ice for the transportation of cold storage can replace expensive professional refrigeration vehicles and reduce the cost of cold chain transportation. At present, the refrigerated transport of dry ice has been applied in many industries; freezing and rain is a good hand, and the low temperature characteristics of dry ice can also be used for artificial rainfall; creating a sea of clouds for special effects; industrial cleaning shows its skills: dry ice will instantly vaporize during the cleaning process , To ensure that there is no residue and no secondary waste on the cleaning site, environmental protection and no pollution.