Factors affect the sterilization of ethylene oxide

- Dec 25, 2017-

The factors affect the sterilization effect are temperature, pressure, concentration, time and so on.


The temperature limit of EO is generally in 37℃~63℃, the most commonly temperature is 50±5℃. However, when the temperature is high enough to maximize the effect of the drug, the germicidal effect is no longer increased at the increase of temperature.


The size of the pre vacuum degree determines the amount of residual air, and the amount of residual air affects the pressure after EO joining and the ease of moisture and heat to enter the interior of the product. So the pressure, especially the pressure before humidification, has a great effect on the sterilization effect. The setting of pressure should be considered comprehensively according to the sealing performance of the equipment itself and the positive and negative pressure withstanding of the destroyed goods. The negative pressure sterilization usually has better effect than positive pressure sterilization in the range of equipment operation and goods can bear.


As an important factor affecting the effect of sterilization, the effect of sterilization can be improved by increasing the concentration. In a certain concentration range, with the same temperature and humidity and other conditions, the shorter the time needed to kill a certain concentration of microorganism with the increase of concentration, and the better the killing effect is.


Under the same condition, the longer the sterilization time, the smaller the survival probability of microbes and the better the sterilization effect. In the case of the same of other conditional parameters except time, make sure the shortest effective time of ethylene oxide with no living bacteria.The function time of the process should be two times of the half cycle.http://www.wxytgas.com/