Electronic gas types and advantages of use

- Jun 04, 2018-

Electronic gas silane is a very important gas in the semiconductor manufacturing process. No matter whether it is the production of photovoltaic solar energy or the production process of TFT-LCD or LED, it will require a large amount of silane as raw material. Can meet the needs of the field.

High-purity nitrous oxide of electronic gas has been developing very rapidly in recent years. To a certain extent, it is mainly due to the rapid development of the domestic liquid crystal industry. To a certain extent, the process of recovering exhaust gas to purify N2O is similar to the dry decomposition of ammonium nitrate. In contrast, although the high-purity nitrous oxide produced by the recycling method is not accepted in certain fields, the cost advantage of recycling waste gas purification N2O is very prominent!

 High-purity nitrous oxide of electronic gas from a technical point of view, to a certain extent, it will be effective in accordance with its various amine solvents to remove carbon dioxide in the tail gas technology is relatively mature, distillation is the key to the removal of light component impurities The Method of Tower Top Refrigeration Cycle and Its Economy .

 High-purity ammonia gas of electronic gas is mainly used in photovoltaic solar energy, LED, TFT-LCD production of important bulk gases, high-purity hydrogen chloride semiconductor manufacturing demand is relatively large gas, domestic to a certain extent, built The high-purity hydrogen chloride production line satisfies the recognition of many domestic customers and even foreign gas companies.

 The high-purity hydrogen chloride of the electronic gas is basically recovered by using the exhaust gas in the chemical process. The content of different types of exhaust gas impurities varies greatly, which means that the purification process is completely different, and even more precisely, a hydrogen chloride production process is very mature. Technology is widely used in different process exhausts and in different production areas.