Electronic gas system requirements and self-check function.

- Apr 11, 2018-

Electronic gas pipeline to a certain extent, usually adopts the seamless tube SS316L EP, to regard a frequency is mainly used in the process of the automatic welding, after the pressure maintaining, helium leak detection and purity test, for highly toxic, high reactivity and spontaneous combustion gas, double pipe conveying should be used.

Electronic gases in part superstate mode of integrated circuits, compound semiconductor devices, such as optical fiber in the electronics industry, industrial production, such as plane display device shall not to lack of raw materials, for use in the process of widely used in film, etching, doping, vapor deposition, diffusion process, etc.

Some highly toxic gases, such as phosphorane and arsenane, are widely used. In the cylinder, the vacuum method is used to transport the gas, which avoids the leakage of gas. Gas detection system is an important part of the whole plant life safety system. In addition to the high precision and quick response, the detection device should also have self-checking function.

Electronic gas conveying system to a certain extent, mainly in order to meet the demand of the technological process, fully ensure the process and product under the premise of safe use, need effective electronic gas from the gas source end it, no secondary pollution control process requirements of flow and pressure parameters, such as steady flow of gas into process production equipment. According to the nature of gas and the difference of supply packaging, general electronic gas can be divided into ordinary gas, special gas and bulk special gas.http://www.wxytgas.com/