Electronic gas selection materials and construction specifications

- May 30, 2018-

At present, the scale of investment in the domestic electronics industry has become larger and larger. To a certain extent, it is becoming more and more important to shorten the construction period and reduce its construction cost. How does the electronic gas transmission system not reduce system pollution? At the level of control and without sacrificing safety configuration, efforts need to be made to reduce construction and operating costs.

The rational allocation of electronic gas and the rational selection of materials, so that it can significantly reduce the cost of its initial investment to a certain extent, thus requiring its electronic gas delivery system to a certain extent, the contractor has a strong system design capabilities .

Gases whose properties are matched in the electronic gas can effectively use the same purge nitrogen gas system during the production process, which can significantly save the investment of gas cylinder cabinets. For VMB, a mobile purge nitrogen plate can be used. For the construction of small pipelines (≤ 1/2”), the method of elbow pipe is adopted directly, which not only saves the cost of the elbow, but also greatly improves the construction efficiency.

The electronic gas strictly implements the construction specifications of its high-purity pipelines to a certain extent, which can greatly reduce the test gas and test time to a certain extent. These are effective cost control measures. The use of gas sources for large packaging containers can greatly reduce the operating costs of logistics and manpower operations.http://www.wxytgas.com/